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Midnight is a black and white video with more music from the album Waiting For The Dawn. 
Fangorn Forest

This is a piece of music from "The Lord of The Rings, Part One" mixed with some of my own photographs and some "photoshopping!"
Celestial Waves

This video has definitely got a cosmic touch.
It's the last track on the album Waiting For The Dawn and the music will undoubtedly
take you out in space!
The Dead Marshes

This music is from Part Two of "The Lord of The Rings."  A slightly different version of this song can be found on a DVD with Tolkien inspired music  that was released in France 2014.
The Light of Summer

In this video I've tried to capture the magic light of the Scandinavian summer. The video footage was taken at sunrise on midsummers eve 2012 in Baling, Gnarp.  The music was written solely for this video.


The music in this video is from the album Waiting For The Dawn. Photos and  video clips were taken in various places in Sweden during  the summer of 2014.
Autumn Days

Autumn Days is a smooth instrumental song from the album Night Shift.  Photos and video clips where taken in and around the place where I live.
Night Flight

Night Flight will take you through dark ominous
clouds on a flight with some heavy turbulence.