All music by Stig Nyman. Copyright 2013 Stig Nyman / Baeling Music Factory.
This page was last updated: February 25, 2018
The Lord of The Rings
A music project on two CD's with inspiration from the book by J.R.R. Tolkien. 
Waiting For The Dawn
Instrumental CD with a big variety of music styles, ranging from classical, folk, new wave to blues and
more ambient music.
Songs from The West
Written as a tribute to the work of the japanese film director/producer Hayao Miyasaki. The music is inspired by scenes from his many wonderful movies.
Night Shift
is a jazz/funk/rock music album with a completely different sound than any of my other music projects.
As The Days Go By
is a collection of songs  that  sounds like a bit Vangelis, a little bit Kitaro and a little bit symphonic rock with a touch of classical music. In other words a little bit of this and that
Inspired by the epic poem "Aniara" written by the Swedish poet Harry Martinsson.  A Requiem for the dream of man.
Songs From The Forest
is my latest musical project.  The music was written as a tribute to the greatness, wonder and beauty of the forest. A mix between classical and new wave.