CD 2
Prologue    The Shire
The Big Party
Breakup at Dawn
The Old Forest    Tom Bombadil
Fog on The Barrow-Downs
Strider    Into The Wild
The Black Riders
The Fight by The River
Gwaihir - The Eagle    The Mines of Moria
Lothlorien - The Golden Forest
The Mirror of Galadriel
The Death of Boromir
Uruk-Hai    The Riders of Rohan
Nightfall Over The Plains of Rohan
Fangorn Forest
The Last March of The Ents
The Black Tower of Saruman

The Path of Death
The Shire
The Batlle of Helms Deep
The White Rider
The Battle of Helms Deep
The Dead Marshes
The Nazguls of Mordor
At The Black Gate
The Window on The West
SheLob's Lair
The Passing of The Grey Company
The Path of Death
The Great Battle of Minas Tirith
The Return of The King
Mount Doom - The Death of Gollum
Homeward Bound
Back Home
The Grey Havens

Two CD's with 40 musical pieces in a wide variety of different musical styles
ranging from soft melodic ballads to heavy rock beat and all that comes in between.

CD 1
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