Born 1954 in Baling, Gnarp -  a small village in the middle of Sweden.
Began to play guitar at the age of 15 in a local rock band called Illusion,
that later became Twings. In 1976 he got his first job as a professional
musician in the band Stig Strombergs from Bollnas.

In 1977 he moved from Baling to Linkoping and begame a member of
Wallonerna -  an entertainment band from the village of Finspang who used to tour quite a lot in Norway.

After working with Wallonerna for more than a year he left the group for another job in Orebro with a band called Tobbes which he worked with until the mid 80's when he took his last job as a professional musician in Michael Max Band from Linkoping.

Since then Stig has been working with bands like Tebes, Nolltretton,
Piece of Cake, Mr Walker, Why Not and several other bands from the Linkoping area.

In the beginning of 2000 he began studying music pedagogy in Motala where he also became a member of Romanijada Balkan Band. But in 2003 he moved from Linkoping back to his birthplace Baling where he together with his brother Arne formed The BB band.

Today Stig is working with his new music project "Dreamscapes" that hopefully will be finished sometime during 2018.